It seems it’s always sunny at Wedderburn.  Here’s another scorcher.  It was June this year at The Barns and I remember being concerned that my decision to wear my hair short (especially on the top) may result in my usually Mediterranean olive coloured dome moving somewhat towards the pinker hues.


Anyway, enough about my 3rd degree burns and heat stroke, here is approximately a bazillion photos from Vicky and Dave’s brilliant wedding day.

Wedderburn wedding

Wedderburn Wedding

This was a different one though.

Anna and Matt got married at Edrom Kirk then had their reception and the beautiful Wedderburn Castle.  A&M-WD-111 A&M-WD-108 A&M-WD-112 A&M-WD-126 A&M-WD-104 A&M-WD-143 A&M-WD-156 A&M-WD-165 A&M-WD-166 A&M-WD-184 A&M-WD-192 A&M-WD-197 A&M-WD-228 A&M-WD-261 A&M-WD-285 A&M-WD-474 A&M-WD-269 A&M-WD-307 A&M-WD-300 A&M-WD-364 A&M-WD-392 A&M-WD-400 A&M-WD-407 A&M-WD-415 A&M-WD-417 A&M-WD-433 A&M-WD-402 A&M-WD-221 A&M-WD-380 A&M-WD-434 A&M-WD-386 A&M-WD-438 A&M-WD-509 A&M-WD-498 A&M-WD-525 A&M-WD-541 A&M-WD-551

wimagweeLove it when a couples hard work and design flair gets recognised and published in a magazine or featured on a blog ( mainly because it’s good, free publicity for me, some say I’m too honest) .

Here is Lynsey and Juan’s (pronounced  Joo-an) achingly swish weekday wedding at Wedderburn last year.  Lynsey is right in what she says in this article, book me for a Monday to Thursday and I’m super value.  Like Pound Stretcher but classier.  Like Lidl but less German?  Actually yes I’m Lidl.  The stuff is more interesting than the usual supermarkets but better value.  Occasionally I do amazing deals on blow-up beds and telescopic ladders.

WI126_p170 WI126_p172

Not sure it was a good idea to compare myself to a budget supermarket, was that my Gerald Ratner moment?

Brilliant to have another of my clients featured on Want That Wedding.  Lynsey and Juan’s wedding at Wedderburn last year was so cool,  incredibly relaxed and remarkably sunny.

Here is the link to the feature.


Look out for it soon in Wedding Ideas Magazine too.


Craig xxx


I had originally written this blog entry last night, well early this morning actually.  However when I came to read it this morning it made very little sense.  That’s a lesson to you all, don’t blog when tired.  My spelelling  is bad enough at the best of times and punctuation is hit or miss to say the least so throw in sleep deprivation and two wee kids and you will understand.


I am writing this while the rain lashes horizontally onto the window and can’t quite believe  the weather we had a few weeks ago for Lynsey and Juan’s wedding at Wedderburn.   I remember Borders weather issuing a heat stroke warning as the temp hit 25 degrees.   I was the best place to be on a hot spring day.


Lynsey and Juan are just about the most laid back and chilled couple out.  Add in the fact that their wedding day was attended by just a few close friends and family and you get a fantastic, relaxed and friendly day which to be honest didn’t really feel like work (still charged them though).   They are the kind of people who just seem to be cool with no effort.  I hate them. 😉



The least said about 30 odd English folk trying to ceilidh dance the better.

I mean 30 odd as in around 30 people, not 30 people who are odd.  However…………………


It’s never ideal to book your wedding  photographer without meeting them first.  No matter how much you love their work and how much positive feedback you hear until you meet them there could still be that nagging doubt that they might be an axe wielding maniac.   Lynsey and Juan took a chance on me not being psychotic and booked me for their wedding this May.  You see they are from The Isle of Man and had to plan everything for their Wedderburn Castle wedding remotely.

I’m glad they did as having finally met them I can confirm that they too appear not to be serial killers.  They are actually lawyers, some may say that’s worse, not me.

Anyway, we spent a wee while in Edinburgh yesterday doing their pre-wedding shoot.  They claimed to be very uncomfortable in front of the camera,  they had no need to be.  Judge for yourselves, don’t this sickeningly attractive couple look fantastic?