I knew this one was going to be special. Chloe is a graphic designer from a ridiculously creative gene pool and Graym is a fighter pilot with lots of friends who wear uniforms and carry swords.

The setting was a wonderfully sunny but decidedly chilly Dryburgh Abbey Hotel in The Borders. Right on the banks of the famous river Tweed complete with leaping salmon.

Firstly I am going to show you some of the spectacular table centres Chloe and her family created. Each one unique and exquisitely detailed.


C&G-WD-101 C&G-WD-137 C&G-WD-146 C&G-WD-148 C&G-WD-154 C&G-WD-155 C&G-WD-141

I have never seen anything like them before. Just amazing.

And now for the bit some of you may have been waiting for. Young men in military uniforms, with swords.

C&G-WD-269 C&G-WD-191 C&G-WD-209 C&G-WD-262 C&G-WD-333 C&G-WD-267 C&G-WD-302

C&G-WD-189 C&G-WD-164 C&G-WD-239Amazing harpist Pippa Reid-Foster.

C&G-WD-444 C&G-WD-114 C&G-WD-107 C&G-WD-438 C&G-WD-219 C&G-WD-279 C&G-WD-287 C&G-WD-293 C&G-WD-295 C&G-WD-338 C&G-WD-340 C&G-WD-357 C&G-WD-383 C&G-WD-385 C&G-WD-414 C&G-WD-434 C&G-WD-480 C&G-WD-604 C&G-WD-593 C&G-WD-619 C&G-WD-630 C&G-WD-640The always brilliant Kilter provided the music.


Marian is a Borders beauty, Jamie is a Irishman with the gift of the gab. I only met this couple a few weeks before the wedding day as they were both leading super busy lives in London. In a few weeks they head of to Australia to start a new chapter of their lives, good luck to them both.

Preparations begin with little Sarah the flower girl.

Marions mum. An amazing women and a force of nature.

Marion’s cousin is also the piper.

Jamie and his best man.

The kiss. Marion threw her arms around Jamie. Was very special.

Not everyone was all that impressed though.

Place names and table decorations made by Marion’s very tallented sister Ailidh of Birky Design.

We headed over the road to Kelso Abbey for some shots.

Just beautiful. One of my favourite shots of the year so far.

Its nice to catch tender moments. I hope they are a couple!!

Not sure what he is explaining but it looks interesting.

The first dance, it was absolutely huge. At least 100 people involved in this.

Local wedding this time. Meant I could have somewhat of a lie-in, not in some crappy travellodge either. A Lauder couple, getting married in the Lauder church and holding their reception in a Lauder hotel.