There is an awful lot of “doing the right thing” going on during a wedding day.  If you aint careful you could spend your day doing things you feel you should be doing instead of what you want to do.  Did Kirstin and Kenneth have this problem?  Not a friggin’ chance. They did their wedding their way, and it was the better for it.  They fancied popping out for a coffee to their favourite Edinburgh coffee shop  (Urban Angel) so that is just what they did.


The RCPE is a stunning enough venue anyway but K & K’s personal touches just made that bit more special.



Emma and Martin were married in Canongate Kirk a few weeks ago with Emma being the third generation of her family to tie the knot in this beautiful church.

Here, have a wee look. E&M-WD-107 E&M-WD-115 E&M-WD-110 E&M-WD-123 EM-WD-198-1 E&M-WD-166 E&M-WD-170 E&M-WD-178 DSC_3602 E&M-WD-185 DSC_3651 E&M-WD-244

The crown below marks the queens pew.  Its roped off and even when she ain’t there no one is allowed to sit in it.  Crazy.

E&M-WD-131 E&M-WD-236 DSC_7827 E&M-WD-255 E&M-WD-257


After the ceremony we were all off to The Royal College of Physicians for the cerebration.  I love the RCPE. E&M-WD-288 E&M-WD-321 E&M-WD-333 E&M-WD-326 E&M-WD-423 E&M-WD-343 DSC_8773 E&M-WD-484 DSC_8841 E&M-WD-516 E&M-WD-446 E&M-WD-398 E&M-WD-394 E&M-WD-566 E&M-WD-407 DSC_8625 E&M-WD-427 E&M-WD-444 E&M-WD-577 E&M-WD-559 E&M-WD-415 E&M-WD-581 DSC_8978 E&M-WD-601 E&M-WD-607 E&M-WD-600 DSC_4077 DSC_4089 E&M-WD-621 E&M-WD-605 E&M-WD-617 E&M-WD-625 E&M-WD-584 E&M-WD-614 E&M-WD-527 E&M-WD-640 DSC_4107 DSC_4119 E&M-WD-596 E&M-WD-645 E&M-WD-530 E&M-WD-635 E&M-WD-671 E&M-WD-673

Every now and again I cover a wedding which I know I will never forget.  Victoria and Gordon’s was one of these.

Cake (lots of), vintage dress, vintage veil from an old lady who got married in it, all the ladies wearing gloves, readings from Pooh and Ogden Nash, crying, a dog that drinks coffee, a london bus round Arthurs seat, groom in a self tied bow tie, paper windmills, twirls, more cake, Champagne from vintage tea cups, the best veggie food i have ever had (thanks to Heritage Portfolio, the beautiful Royal College of Physicians, a speech by a bridesmade which made me cry, all the bridesmaids doing dance routine and lastly the most original 1st dance song ever.  Oh, and more cake.



Thats all the images I can show just now until the bride and groom see them all.  There are so many more lovely shots I cant wait.


Thanks for looking.


Craig xx



Ok, so they are back from Vietnam (cool place for a honeymoon) and have seen their shots so now I can blog a few.


I hope the shots capture what a fun day it was and just what a fab time Dan, Isabel and all their guests had.

Ok I’m off now to watch Dr Who.


Craig xx

Yes, a little late I know.  Wonder if I am the last person to wish a Happy New Year.   What’s the cut off date?  Is it ok to to say Happy New Year at the end of January?  I think this needs clearing up once and for all.

Anyway, the reason I am late with festive greetings is we have been bloomin busy.  What a few weeks.

Will start with one or two images from the last wedding of 2010.  Andrew and Dawn.  This was a small and simple affair but just so touching.  I loved it.




We then had all the usual Christmas stuff. Santa, too much food, presents, excited kids, booze etc. Then New Year, booze. After New Year it seemed all the couples getting married came out of hibernation. We have taken 4 new bookings in the last 10 days. I am so honoured that these lovely people have decided to put their trust in me to capture their big days. Its a privilege.

On the 8th we had the first wedding of the year. I had to dig the car out of the drive as the overnight snow seemed to catch us all by surprise. It did however make for some interesting images from Victoria and Alistair’s celebration at the Royal College of Physicians in Edinburgh.

For those who don’t recognise the wee chap in the next photo, he is Leonardo.  He has apparently been Ally’s bed companion since the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were popular the first time around.  Old Skool or what.


The 8th was also our litle girl’s 2nd birthday. Man how time flies.  She had her first experiance of Playdoh.  Amazing smell which takes me right back to childhood and my Fuzzy Pumpers Barber Shop.


The busy time doesn’t stop either.  Kid’s party on Saturday,  the Asian Wedding Show on Sunday and then I think there are pre-wedding shoots every weekend until the next wedding in February.

If you are going to be busy, you may as well be busy doing something you love.   Here’s to a happy and healthy 2011 people.

Craig xxx

McBeth Photography would like to take this opportunity to thank all the lovely people who visited our stand at the RCPE wedding fair yesterday. You wouldn’t have seen me as I was on babysitting duties but Jess had a great time and really enjoyed meeting lots of new people and chatting about all things wedding.

Don’t forget we are also exhibiting at Thee Wedding Show at Murrayfield Stadium next Saturday and Sunday.  Gran and Gramps have very kindly offered to look after little Esme so both Jess and I will be able to answer any questions you may have, show you our sample albums and may even have a wee sweetie for you.

Tonight I covered the 1959 Edinburgh Medical Graduates Reunion at the RCPE. A lot of fun and lots of friendly people.  Images from tonights event can be viewed by following the link below.

1959 Edinburgh Medical Graduates Reunion 2009

Remember you will need your pass code  to view the images.

If you intend to call us to order prints then please wait as we will be on a short family break until Monday 14th September.
Thank You

Had the pleasure today of being let loose around the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh to capture some promotional images for their conferencing facilities. It really is a beautiful building. Some of the rooms have to be seen to be believed. Fantastically ornate ceilings, gothic pillars and priceless paintings and antiques make it a truly special place.

The RCPE is a great venue for weddings and they’re holding a wedding fair on Sunday 27th September. We’ll have a stand there, so come along for a chat and to see our album range if you’re getting married.