Folk are still getting married.  All this talk of recession, depression, aggression, precession, recompression, regression and, of course, digression doesn’t seem to have done anything to put people off tying the knot.  Which means I am super busy, which I why I haven’t been able to blog recently.


Now then,  there are three weddings I would love to show you now but cant until the brides and grooms have had a peek first.  so in the meantime here are some recent pre-wedding shoots.


First up.  Jenny & Craig


Now Donna & Keith

And Finally.  Sarah & Ali

That’s it for now.  I have loads more to show you including babies, doggies and textile students but those will have to wait.


Over and out.


Craig xx

There was sunshine, it was lovely.

Saturday had me heading into Leith to meet Lesley and Stewart for their pre wedding shoot. We began with a cup of tea in the pub and a chat about tractors, slow drivers, corner sofas etc before braving the unusually mild Leith weather (global warming) for a stroll around The Shore.

Yes, I know, disgustingly attractive again. I’m sorry what can I do?

It’s never ideal to book your wedding  photographer without meeting them first.  No matter how much you love their work and how much positive feedback you hear until you meet them there could still be that nagging doubt that they might be an axe wielding maniac.   Lynsey and Juan took a chance on me not being psychotic and booked me for their wedding this May.  You see they are from The Isle of Man and had to plan everything for their Wedderburn Castle wedding remotely.

I’m glad they did as having finally met them I can confirm that they too appear not to be serial killers.  They are actually lawyers, some may say that’s worse, not me.

Anyway, we spent a wee while in Edinburgh yesterday doing their pre-wedding shoot.  They claimed to be very uncomfortable in front of the camera,  they had no need to be.  Judge for yourselves, don’t this sickeningly attractive couple look fantastic?




Last weekend I met up with Paul and Anjie for their pre-wedding shoot in Holyrood Park, Edinburgh. The sun was shining as always in Scotland. This fun couple really got into it and you couldn’t tell that they had never done a professional photoshoot before. They were up for trying out some more unusual locations so after some time on Arthurs Seat we headed down to the cold, and frankly a little scary, Innocent railway tunnel.

Looking forward to their wedding day as it’s taking place in the beautiful Perthshire village of Killin. Can’t wait.





Saturday was hot and sunny and brought Amy and Stephen’s pre-wedding shoot.  Where Amy and Stephen go, their adorable little boy Freddy and manic black labrador Woody follow.  It was a fun shoot with the happy couple choosing an interesting and unusual location.  They knew what they where doing as the derelict buildings and brightly coloured containers made fantastic backdrops and were a photographer’s dream.



Jamie and Kirstie had their pre-wedding shoot last Sunday.  Kirstie was keen for snow for the shoot but as I set off from home I wasn’t very hopeful.  However, when I arrived at their chosen location I realised I need not have worried. 



More to follow.