This was a different one though.

Anna and Matt got married at Edrom Kirk then had their reception and the beautiful Wedderburn Castle.  A&M-WD-111 A&M-WD-108 A&M-WD-112 A&M-WD-126 A&M-WD-104 A&M-WD-143 A&M-WD-156 A&M-WD-165 A&M-WD-166 A&M-WD-184 A&M-WD-192 A&M-WD-197 A&M-WD-228 A&M-WD-261 A&M-WD-285 A&M-WD-474 A&M-WD-269 A&M-WD-307 A&M-WD-300 A&M-WD-364 A&M-WD-392 A&M-WD-400 A&M-WD-407 A&M-WD-415 A&M-WD-417 A&M-WD-433 A&M-WD-402 A&M-WD-221 A&M-WD-380 A&M-WD-434 A&M-WD-386 A&M-WD-438 A&M-WD-509 A&M-WD-498 A&M-WD-525 A&M-WD-541 A&M-WD-551

I call them pre-wedding shoots. Jess says I should call them engagement shoots but that doesn’t seem right. Anyway, here are a few.

First up.

Abby and Craig.

Early March in Edinburgh. A quick coffee then a wander rooned the toon before ending up at Museum Of Scotland.

AandC-pw-111-11 AandC-pw-127-27 AandC-pw-108-8 AandC-pw-106-6


Abby & Craig are going to be the first couple in the country to be married at a Hard Rock Cafe I understand. It’s going to be really interesting. Looking forward to it. I see from the website that it’s now listed as closed on 30th May, just for their big day, exciting!!


Next up Victoria and Callum.

These guys are getting married this Sunday at the very swanky Dalhousie Castle. I’ll be too busy to try the spa though, probably.

DSC_2508 DSC_9703 DSC_2411-Edit

Now lastly. Carolyn and Marnix. This shoot was originally planned for two weeks earlier but a couple of foot of snow scuppered that. Couldn’t have been luckier with the weather for the rearranged shoot though (apart from a ferocious wind which, I guess is to be expected at St Andrews). You have to love St Andrews. The Old Course is easily the most famous golf course on the planet but you are perfectly free to wander around on it, I think so anyway, no one chased us.

C&M-PW-107 C&M-PW-120 C&M-PW-126 C&M-PW-104 C&M-PW-105 C&M-PW-106

Carolyn and Marnix and now on their Honeymoon having married at the amazing Fasque House on Saturday. Will save their wedding images for another post though.

Craig xxx

If you are gonna leave Melbourne and temperatures in the 30’s to get married in Scotland in December then you better pick somewhere pretty damn special. Hazel and Stuart did just that. Balbirnie. Here is a sneak peek.

DSC_4877 DSC_5059 DSC_5190 DSC_5244 DSC_5274 DSC_5355 DSC_5581 DSC_5637 DSC_5698 DSC_5874 DSC_8047 DSC_8026 DSC_8070 DSC_5940 DSC_6094