All “my” couples are brilliant, obviously (except the ones which aren’t) but now and again I meet a couple who leave an impression.

Jasmine and Dave are so flippin’ Yin and Yang it’s no real (as a wee raj may say).  Jasmine is bonkers, beautifully up-beat and optimistic with a freakishly infectious exuberance.  David isn’t, but what he is a good solid, salt of the earth old fashioned good guy who keeps Jasmine from exploding.

Their wedding day was entirely “them”.  Geekish,  cool, sophisticated and homespun.  A big Red Bus took guests from Lothian chambers to Howies with a wee tour of Edinburgh thrown in and  it was clear that everyone was having a great time.  Grannys blowing bubbles, what more can you say.

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Another first for me just before Xmas last year.  Carina and Sean broke with (the totally random) tradition and had the worlds 4th largest Clootie Dumpling instead of a poncy wedding cake.

Was that the only “out of the ordinary” thing to feature that day? was it hellers like.  Carol singing in a London bus, Buckfast drunk by the father of the bride (not because he had to but because he actually likes it) and multi-lingual speeches.   I’m pretty sure a bipedal reindeer made a cameo too.

Don’t believe me?  I don’t care.

C&S-WD-101 C&S-WD-116 C&S-WD-135 C&S-WD-113 C&S-WD-144 C&S-WD-148 C&S-WD-131 C&S-WD-128 C&S-WD-155 C&S-WD-157 C&S-WD-172 C&S-WD-208 C&S-WD-209 C&S-WD-227 C&S-WD-247 C&S-WD-284 C&S-WD-303 C&S-WD-341 C&S-WD-344 C&S-WD-345 C&S-WD-361 C&S-WD-291 C&S-WD-449 C&S-WD-464 C&S-WD-477 C&S-WD-482 C&S-WD-416


Edinburgh‘s Lothian Chambers and Leith‘s Thomas Morton Hall were the locations for Carina and Sean’s big day.


They come in all shapes and sizes. Some are big and and a bit flash, some quite wee and understated. I’m not talking about brides, I’m referring to weddings.

Thursday was a wee one, but such a laugh.

Lothian Chambers on a wet Thursday is not normally a place you would think about going to for a fun day out, unless you were there for James and Emma’s little big day. Nine folk including the happy couple, eleven if you count the registrar and me. However what this wedding proved is something which my wife has long said, size isn’t everything (honestly dear it’s fine). Especially when the 9 guests are just about the friendliest, most down to earth folk you will find.

E&J-WD-104 E&J-WD-116 E&J-WD-133 E&J-WD-127 E&J-WD-138 E&J-WD-172 E&J-WD-208 E&J-WD-253 E&J-WD-266 E&J-WD-278 E&J-WD-286 E&J-WD-274 Untitled_Panorama1