Had a fun morning last Sunday shooting the lovely Cooke family.  Mum and dad wanted some natural shots of little Sophie and Isla instead of anything too posed and rigid.


Sophie was an absolute dream to photograph.  Not at all self conscious in front of the camera and for the most part was really enjoying herself.  She did need to be bribed with Quavers at one point but thats only to be expected.




Now little Isla was just as good as her big sis, but with a little more drool.


Mum and Dad even got in on the act.




I can’t think of a better way to spend a sunny Sunday morning than in the company of a  fab, fun family just having a laugh and being themselves.  I had a great time and I hope it wasn’t too traumatic for them.

Sunday was a busy day with a bridal meeting and a family lifestyle shoot all before lunchtime.  Happy to say both went well, Abeda, the lovely bride booked us for her wedding next year and I had a great time in the morning shooting the Baillies in the shadow of the Forth Bridge. 

Luke and little brother Sam proved to be excellent models, even if they were more interested in treasure hunting.  Sam took a wee tumble and ended up with a bit of a bump on the head but nothing that a cuddle from dad and a spot of photoshopping by me couldn’t sort out.




Had a fun shoot today with cute baby twins and their lovely big sister. Again I managed to end up at a swing park.  Here are few shots with more to follow.






One of the best things about being a lifestyle photographer is that you are mostly with people who are having a good time. Whether it be a wedding,  birthday party, reunion or just a family portrait session, the folk involved are usually there because they want to be and are happy.

Today for example I covered a big family party in the evening with a very happy granny having all her kids and grand-kids around her. 

In the afternoon I had the pleasure of spending  a short while in the company of an adorable little lady and her parents for a quick kiddy shoot.  What made it even better was that I got to play on the jungle gym.  The little lady in question was Samara, and what an absolute cutie she is.