A  first this time.

Craig and Abby were the first couple ever to marry in Edinburgh’s Hard Rock Cafe.  It seems they spend most of their time there, they got engaged there so obviously they got married there too.

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The sun shone, the drink flowed and heels were kicked off for dancing.  Was a great day and suited this brilliant young couple down to the ground. x




I call them pre-wedding shoots. Jess says I should call them engagement shoots but that doesn’t seem right. Anyway, here are a few.

First up.

Abby and Craig.

Early March in Edinburgh. A quick coffee then a wander rooned the toon before ending up at Museum Of Scotland.

AandC-pw-111-11 AandC-pw-127-27 AandC-pw-108-8 AandC-pw-106-6


Abby & Craig are going to be the first couple in the country to be married at a Hard Rock Cafe I understand. It’s going to be really interesting. Looking forward to it. I see from the website that it’s now listed as closed on 30th May, just for their big day, exciting!!


Next up Victoria and Callum.

These guys are getting married this Sunday at the very swanky Dalhousie Castle. I’ll be too busy to try the spa though, probably.

DSC_2508 DSC_9703 DSC_2411-Edit

Now lastly. Carolyn and Marnix. This shoot was originally planned for two weeks earlier but a couple of foot of snow scuppered that. Couldn’t have been luckier with the weather for the rearranged shoot though (apart from a ferocious wind which, I guess is to be expected at St Andrews). You have to love St Andrews. The Old Course is easily the most famous golf course on the planet but you are perfectly free to wander around on it, I think so anyway, no one chased us.

C&M-PW-107 C&M-PW-120 C&M-PW-126 C&M-PW-104 C&M-PW-105 C&M-PW-106

Carolyn and Marnix and now on their Honeymoon having married at the amazing Fasque House on Saturday. Will save their wedding images for another post though.

Craig xxx

After a hot bath and a cold beer I am almost recovered from day one of Thee Wedding Show. Standing up for eight hours is pretty hard work. The only thing that makes it worthwhile is meeting lots of nice new people who are excitedly making plans for their wedding. It’s not until you visit a fair and see the huge variety of things on show, from cars to cakes, from dance floors to diamond tiaras and from frocks to fireworks that you realise the amount of planning a wedding requires.

I would like to give a massive thanks to the couples who booked with us today and to let them know that I am really looking forward to playing my small part in their big days.

A special mention must go to the folks from Hard Rock Cafe who introduced me to Mahitos and Cosmos, really nice but mustn’t make a habit of cocktails before lunch.