I have glimpsed  both TOWIE & Made in Chelsea in the past by accident.  Horrendous programs but I was struck by how glamorous everyone was (compared to me).  I think they could set a similar show in Glasgow, like River City but with…..hmmm…..  I have no idea, I have never seen River City but I am assuming it aint glamorous.  I think there is a character called Spud though, and Tony the track suit.

Anyway, Laura and Russel’s wedding at Sherbrook Castle Hotel reminded me of TOWIE etc (hope that’s not insulting).  I have never seen such glamour in real life.  I worked out that if you stacked on top of each other all the heels they would be three quarters the height of Edinburgh Castle.  If you included the ladies shoes it would reach the top. boom boom!!

But you see, all this glamour and beauty came with no semblance of pretence or pomposity.  It was just a pure dead brilliant Glasgow knees up.

Here are some photos to illustrate. L&R-WD-102 L&R-WD-107 L&R-WD-136L&R-WD-149 L&R-WD-150 L&R-WD-164 L&R-WD-215 L&R-WD-225 L&R-WD-229 L&R-WD-242 L&R-WD-254 L&R-WD-318 L&R-WD-330 L&R-WD-334 L&R-WD-349 L&R-WD-364 L&R-WD-408 L&R-WD-419 L&R-WD-183 L&R-WD-428 L&R-WD-441 L&R-WD-452 L&R-WD-463 L&R-WD-466 L&R-WD-488 L&R-WD-489 L&R-WD-495 L&R-WD-498 L&R-WD-503 L&R-WD-520 L&R-WD-526 L&R-WD-546 L&R-WD-548 L&R-WD-556 L&R-WD-558 L&R-WD-562 L&R-WD-564 L&R-WD-567 L&R-WD-571 L&R-WD-588 L&R-WD-596 L&R-WD-602 L&R-WD-606 L&R-WD-624 L&R-WD-638 L&R-WD-652 L&R-WD-654 L&R-WD-658 L&R-WD-661 L&R-WD-672 L&R-WD-676 L&R-WD-684 L&R-WD-695

Hi all.

Keeping this one short, loads of wedding editing to be done.

I have for you today, three pre-wedding shoots.  All completely different apart from one thing, sun.

Last Sunday started with a trip west to Glasgow for an ultra-urban cool shoot with Lynsey and Murray.

L&M-PW-146 L&M-PW-149 L&M-PW-101 L&M-PW-108 L&M-PW-110 L&M-PW-114 L&M-PW-115 L&M-PW-122 L&M-PW-123 L&M-PW-128 L&M-PW-138


After that I made a quick dash up to beautiful Luss on the banks on Loch Lomond.  When the sun shines there can be very few better places to be.  Lets hope the weather is similar in a few weeks for Victoria and Barrys wedding at the Lodge on Loch Lomond.

V&B-PW-104 V&B-PW-110 V&B-PW-114 V&B-PW-124 V&B-PW-133 V&B-PW-101 V&B-PW-126


I stopped at Krispy Kreme on the way home, to be honest I don’t understand all the hype.


Lastly for now, yesterday.  Emma and Martin are getting married this Saturday at Canongate Kirk in Edinburgh.  Being a doctor and a surgeon they are understandably busy people so only came up from London at the weekend.   The sun was still shining (mostly) and we wandered down to the beach at North Berwick from Emma’s parents home for a wander around, a chat and to take a few photos too.


E&M-PW-103 E&M-PW-130 E&M-PW-138 E&M-PW-143 E&M-PW-150 E&M-PW-105 E&M-PW-106 E&M-PW-108 E&M-PW-114 E&M-PW-119 E&M-PW-127


That’s all for now.  Back to the editing and it’s my birthday in two days so feel free to buy me lots of things.


Craig x



Don’t Ask but someone in these photos claims to have stolen a dolphin.

Natalie and David got married a few weeks ago at The House for an Art Lover in Glasgow.  With wedding wellies, staged fake surprise photos, and full on running races this couple really know how to relax and have fun on one of the biggest days of their lives.

In what seems to be a regular occurence on the McBeth Photography Blog I will be giving you some interesting animal related facts.  This time, Dolphins.

1.  Dolphins would die if they fell completely asleep so they just sleep with one side of their brain at a time.

2. Dolphins are very sexually promiscuous.

3. Dolphins evolved from land animals.

4. The Orca (killer whale) is the largest of the dolphin family.

5. Dolphins have two stomachs, like cows.  Unlike cows, you can’t buy dolphin milk in your local Co-Op. Try Waitrose.

Im outa here.


Craig xxx



I dragged these two Weegies (well almost Weegies, don’t know what you call folk from Motherwell) over to Edinburgh for a bit of culture and fine dining prior to their pre-wedding shoot a few weeks ago.  Showed them all the murder spots from Rebus and where the trams are going to be in forty or so years.

We saw rabbits on the wee hill by the castle.  Here are some interesting and some disgusting rabbits facts.

  1. The only place a rabbit sweats is through the pads on its feet.
  2. Rabbits cannot vomit.
  3. Rabbits are not rodents, they are lagomorphs.
  4. Rabbits eat their own night droppings called cecotropes.
  5. Predators can literally scare a rabbit to death.

Anyway, here are some photos.


Tomorrow, Guinea Pigs. xx




Driving through to Glasgow yesterday morning my with the sunroof open and my shades on I was looking forward to a sunny day at Glasgow University Chapel and 29 for Kate and Euan’s wedding. When I was outside the chapel watching all their guests arriving dressed to the nines I was thinking how lucky they were to have such a beautiful day. Skip forward a couple of hours and I’m driving to 29 with the wipers on full and snow falling. You would think to look at the photos that the wedding took place over two days, or perhaps two seasons. But, you know what, that’s one of the things which makes being a wedding photographer in bonnie Scotland so exciting. It also makes us hardy UK togs more capable than most at dealing with whatever the weather can throw at us.

Anyway, whatever the weather the most beautiful thing to grace Glasgow on Sunday was Kate. She and Euan are such a great couple and I know that everyone had a fantastic time celebrating with them.

Here are a few sneaky peaks to whet the apatite.

Architects plan, boy do they plan. But this obsession with planning and attention to detail can make a wedding day perfect.

Jennifer and Alan planned their wedding to perfection. I have never before had a groom pull out CAD drawings of the floor layout of the venue. The cleanness and purity of the design was perfect. The simplicity of the scheme was perfect. The yellow was perfect. This was a beautiful wedding.

Here are a few images from Jennifer and Alan’s big day at City Halls, Glasgow.

Look, excuse me if I’m rude but I don’t have much time just now but really want to show you some lovely people who all had their pre-wedding shoots last weekend.  To save time I will be only typing keywords.

Saturday, Glasgow, DRY, Kelvingrove, Kate, Euan, lawyers, health hazard amphitheatre, Commonwealth Games, crown green bowls, 39, home, kids party. 


Sunday, 7am, 7mile run (my furthest yet, so proud of myself, sponsor me here..http://www.justgiving.com/WinstonsWishLauder make sure you mention my name so all the ladies see how popular I am.  I know not keywords but important), swimming with the kids (my kids, not just random kids), Edinburgh, Inverleith Park, Botanic Gardens, Andy, Susan, apologetic accountant, archaeologist, toy boats, coffee, Robin, fornicating frogs, scuffed shoes.


Then,  chafing, The Balmoral, Rowan, Grant, civil servant, IT guy, tweed, big puffy skirt, Tardis, street dancing (dancing in the street), barely walk, Calton Hill, got down on knees and can’t get back up, regretting running seven miles,  Chippy food poisoning, cold now, big hugs, bye.


Right gotta go.  Big Wedding tomorrow and I have to iron a shirt (yes I can iron, I’m a new man).


XXX Craig




The shoes on the left were nice and clean and when I set off for Glasgow on Sunday morning.  Intriguing start to a story eh?  not really.

I was unprepared.  I knew we were going to Linn Park to do Laurie and David’s pre-wed shoot but did it occur to me that a park in Glasgow in winter might be muddy?  However I battled on through the mud and had a really enjoyable stroll, jump, wade, slip and slide with L&D and their Whippet pup Murry.

So, do you see the lengths I am prepared to go to to keep my clients happy.  Sometimes I surprise myself.

Oh, and the French title is in honour of Laurie who is from south west France and is in Scotland teaching French in high school.


But one pre wed shoot a day isn’t enough for me, oh no.  I rushed into town to meet Jennifer and Alan for their pre-wed shoot which started at Rottenrow Gardens.



The shoes on the right are the ones I bought as I had two meetings with potential new clients also booked for Saturday and there was no way I could turn up with those manky ones.   Struggled to get Cons in any any colour other than black, even looked at girls ones but they only went up to size seven and I’m a nine.  So got the rather spiffy pair of old school Pumas.


This weekend see the first  “planned ” wedding of the year.  It’s pretty much full steam ahead right through until September.  So, there will either be lots of nice pretty pictures on here or there will nothing posted until October cause I’m too busy.  Here’s hoping it’s the former.

Poodle Tip

Craig  xxx

Like the Oscars, only more to do with wedding photos than blockbuster films (‘movies’ for my fans in the US (aye right, I have fans in the US)). Also it’s kinda rigged as there is only really one entrant in each category, me.

Yes, in another attempt to find stuff to fill the blog pages now that weddings are done for the year, I have come up with ‘The Craigies’. I’m not picking winners, just a few of my favourites.

The first category… My favourite bridal prep shot of the year: This is the time in the morning before the bride sets off to sign her life away. She is invariably surrounded by a gaggle of bridesmaids (not sure what a group of bridesmaids is called, perhaps a ‘bucks fizz’ of bridesmaids). Hair in rollers, having false lashes applied, worrying about the overnight arrival of a new zit with folk rushing around frantically.

I love this one. Flower girl being calm and keeping her head when all around are losing theirs.

Love this too. Mother and auntie of the bride.

And finally.

Joan. Quite arty farty this one, but I do love a bit of negative space.

Next category: The guys before the wedding. Self-explanatory I feel.

First up, Dan and crew. Can you hear the Reservoir Dogs theme?

Kieran. What is there not to love about this? The man’s got antlers for goodness sake.

Favourite car photos…

Debs and Andrew risking life and limb.

To be honest, very few are actually cars.

But this one is.

Also shows you the state of Edinburgh roads.

Right then, My favourite dress. Yes, I’m a bloke and I talk about dresses. Perhaps I am one of those metrosexuals?

Let’s face it, what do I know? As far as I’m concerned all wedding dresses are beautiful. But there was just something about this one.

The last section of the day is My favourite church. I’m not religious but you don’t have to be to see the beauty in fine architecture.

It comes down to two from this year. Two very different but equally beautiful.

Earlston Parish Church.

And the fantastic grandeur of The University of Glasgow Chapel.

One more.

My favourite dog with different coloured eyes at a wedding shot is…

More tomorrow, if I remember.

See ya. xxx

I’m on a bit of a blog roll so will keep on revealing new images.  These next few are from a wedding last weekend at the beautiful House for an Art Lover in Glasgow.

Vici (another Victoria) is the amazingly talented lady who designed the new McBeth Photography website.  Stephen is himself a talented up and coming photographer.  Together they make a fearsome creative team.

We were dodging rain a little this time but we were ok.  Besides when you have a building as stunning as this one, designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh himself then the weather outside is less important than the beautiful items inside.

As usual, only a few shots to show as Vici & Stephen have yet to see them all.