Been a busy couple of weeks in terms of client meetings and bookings.  Next years wedding season is quickly filling up and we have taken a couple of bookings for 2012 would you believe.

On top of that we have anounced that we three are going to be four with the news that Jess is expecting again.  Which explains why I was unwilling to take bookings for the middle two weeks of May (sorry to those who contacted us for those dates).  On top of that we are in the process of selling our house and looking for another one.

Did have time for a little bit of family photography though as Esme experienced her first Halloween.  She clearly had no clue what was happening but was quite happy to sit around dressed as a pumpkin for a while.


Had a quiet week in terms of actual shoots but busy dealing with the aftermath of the wedding shows.  Appointments Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and so far two of the three have resulted in wedding bookings.  I am really hoping the third also works out as its going to be somthing a little new for me and quite exciting.

Got a busy week coming up though with two shoots tomorrow, one on Wednesday and another on Thursday.

This week Jess returns to work.  She has been on maternity leave since January and Esme and I are really going to miss her.  Its been so great us being able to spend almost every day together since Esme was born.  It was really nice this week to be visited by Jess’s aunty and uncle (Esme’s great aunty and uncle).

Had our second shoot with Uzma yesterday. It was a full day and I was exhaused at the end of it but it was really enjoyable. My little girl Esme was even around for a spell and she was really captivated by all the beautiful outfits which Uzma had brought with her for Emii to wear.