I had it in mind to write a reflective post about how crap last year was.  Was going to make interesting political observations about the EU referendum and the election of Trump.  Was preparing to write a eulogy to Bowie and to grieve for the death of UK music at the hands of Honey G.   I then thought that perhaps this isn’t the kind of stuff newly engaged couples trawling wedding blogs want to read.   They probably don’t want exasperated, portly, middle aged curmudgeons spouting poorly thought-out opinions based on very little knowledge.

I reckon they would rather read a blog post which adheres to the official wedding blog post guidelines.

These are….

  • Always be sickeningly positive.
  • Always say “heart” instead of “love”.
  • Always fake interest in shoes and even if you cant tell a kitten heel from a clog, you must say they are lovely.
  • Brides are always gorgeous,  grooms are always handsome and together they are always adorable.
  • Always say gown instead of dress (WTF is the difference?)
  • Weddings must be categorised as either Contemporary, Rustic or Classic (I think classic is pretentious blog code for boring).
  • Every blog post must contain at least one photo of a bearded hipster in skinny trousers and a bow tie.  If that’s the mother of the bride, so be it.

Those are just some of the rules one must follow to conform in the wonderful world of weddings since the advent of the internet.

That used to be me.  I’m sure if you look back you will see posts where I have used the words “pastel shades” or “stunning burlap chair ties”.  However, 2017 marks the tenth year of McBeth Photography.

So 10 years and nearly 300 weddings later I have reached the point where I think it’s ok to reject all the fake fluff hashtaggery.  No longer shall I feel the need to express excitement at hand punched place cards and table centers depicting all the benches the couple have eaten chips on (although that does sound like a cool idea).  I will stop pretending I know the difference between Jenny and Chris Packham (although I do).   Weddings are great and photographing them is brilliant.  You can’t help but be impressed with the amount of effort put in and attention to detail most folk have in planning the day which is perfect for them.

For me though it’s about the people.  It’s the obviously nervous groom, the tipsy granny and the overly friendly uncle.  It’s the slightly awkward but ultimately hilarious dance routine.  It’s that moment during the speeches when the best man says that thing which causes the groom to hold his head in his hands before glancing toward his new wife.


So on that note,  I would like to present the beautiful Hollie, the handsome Terry (aren’t they adorable) and their (I’m gonna say) contemporary wedding at the stunning Signet Library In Edinburgh.  Check out Hollie’s shoes, I heart them.




Bollocks, no hipster.


Craig x


2016 is done for me.  No weddings now until February (unless anyone want’s a last minute bargain) so going to have to concentrate on catching up on blogging most of last years 30 weddings and sorting out my site.


Here is a short film showing some of the highlights of 2016.

Have a good Hogmanay when it comes and I will see you all in 2017.


Aikwood Tower, Ardgye House, Aswanley,  Dunglass Estate, Freja Designer Dressmaking, Glencourse House, Graywalls, Melville Castle, Muckrach Country House Hotel, Roulotte Retreat, Signet Library, The Byre at Inchyra, The Lighthouse, The Spotty Dog, Wedderburn Castle,

You can’t blame me for forgetting this one.  One of Scotland’s best venues, beautiful bride and a lady in tight leather dancing with flaming torches.


Anyway I’m glad I remembered as it’s a good one.


Emma and Chris at Dundas Castle.

E&C-WD-106 E&C-WD-116 E&C-WD-132 E&C-WD-148 E&C-WD-152 E&C-WD-140 E&C-WD-108 E&C-WD-119 E&C-WD-134 E&C-WD-159 E&C-WD-168 E&C-WD-172 E&C-WD-162 E&C-WD-213 E&C-WD-227 E&C-WD-221 E&C-WD-283 E&C-WD-308 E&C-WD-318 E&C-WD-293 E&C-WD-350 E&C-WD-363 E&C-WD-368 E&C-WD-380 E&C-WD-444 E&C-WD-455 E&C-WD-461 E&C-WD-467 E&C-WD-485 E&C-WD-533 E&C-WD-536 E&C-WD-538 E&C-WD-539 E&C-WD-544 E&C-WD-549 E&C-WD-558 E&C-WD-560 E&C-WD-573 E&C-WD-578 E&C-WD-586 E&C-WD-587 E&C-WD-591



I know it’s been nearly two months since my last post.  Some of you may care, most, quite correctly couldn’t give a crap.  However, there is a good reason for my lack of activity. Blogging is just so fricken boring.  If I was more successful or if you stingy lot would pay me more I could afford to pay someone to do all the boring computer and internet stuff so I could concentrate on actually taking photos.  Until that time I am going to take one for the team and soldier on, poor me.


So here goes.

I give you Amy and Peter.  They were married earlier this year at The Hub in Edinburgh.

Brides morning preparations.

Brides morning preparations.

The Hub Edinburgh.

The Hub, Edinburgh

table setting

Wedding table setting

jaguar wedding car

Jaguar wedding car

Arrival of the bride.

Arrival of the bride at The Hub in Edinburgh.

Arrival of the bride.

Arrival of the bride at The Hub in Edinburgh.

Arrival of the bride.

Arrival of the bride at The Hub in Edinburgh

The bride and her father at the Hub , Edinburgh

The bride and her father.

bride and groom exchange vows.

bride and groom exchange vows.

bride and groom exchange rings.

Bride and groom exchange rings.

Now married

Now married.

Big red door of  The Hub,

Big red door of The Hub,

Cheeky wee wedding guests.

Cheeky wee wedding guests.

wedding selfie


Cake topper.

Cake topper.



E&P-WD-340 E&P-WD-349 E&P-WD-357 E&P-WD-364

first dance

Amazing first dance photo.


Anna and Bob were married this summer at Lothian Chambers in Edinburgh than had their cosy, crafty style reception at the wonderful Gallery of Modern Art.  It’s was a lovely warm day and everyone enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and fantastic surroundings. A&B-WD-108 A&B-WD-112 A&B-WD-116 A&B-WD-157 A&B-WD-147 A&B-WD-153 A&B-WD-209 A&B-WD-186 A&B-WD-175 A&B-WD-185 A&B-WD-190 A&B-WD-200 A&B-WD-188 A&B-WD-189 A&B-WD-205 A&B-WD-233 A&B-WD-247 A&B-Additions-107 A&B-Additions-117 A&B-Additions-113 A&B-Additions-101 A&B-WD-227 A&B-WD-282 A&B-WD-226 A&B-WD-216 A&B-WD-222 A&B-WD-332
A&B-WD-329 A&B-WD-335 A&B-WD-340 A&B-WD-338 A&B-WD-467 A&B-WD-410 A&B-WD-402 A&B-WD-287 A&B-WD-401 A&B-WD-375A&B-WD-412
A&B-WD-374 A&B-WD-481 A&B-WD-485 A&B-WD-487 A&B-WD-479 A&B-WD-483






While Anna and her girls were preening and powdering ( that’s what girls do apparently) Robert and his best man were chilling out in the luxury of the Scotch Malt Whisky Society on Queen street.  I guess that’s called Scottish courage.

Everyone then made their way to The Hub for a fun filled wedding day which culminated in a windswept, rain soaked Wonder Women arsed,  sparkler extravaganza.  Don’t just take my word for it, check out the photos.


wedding day selfie

Bride and bridesmaids catching a wee selfie before it all kicks off.


A nice wee dram at Scotch Malt Whisky Society in Edinburgh


groom at the scotch whisky society

Groom and best man enjoying a we dram.


Brides Hands


Flower girls at edinburgh Hub weddinh

Beautiful wee flower girls.


Guests awaiting the bride at the hub in edinburgh

Guests waiting for the Bride

Bride and dad the The Hub

Bride and her dad.

A&R-WD-193 A&R-WD-202

wedding cake hub edinburgh

The wedding cake.

A&R-WD-236 A&R-WD-229 A&R-WD-246

Hub Edinburgh big red front door

The Hub’s big red door.

A&R-WD-289 A&R-WD-296 A&R-WD-301 A&R-WD-305 A&R-WD-315 A&R-WD-310 A&R-WD-355 A&R-WD-403 A&R-WD-412 A&R-WD-416 A&R-WD-420 A&R-WD-441 A&R-WD-482

Arch of sparklers for Hub wedding

Arch of sparklers

wonder women at the Hub

Wonder women before flashing her arse.

A&R-WD-498 A&R-WD-524 A&R-WD-519 A&R-WD-510 A&R-WD-530



When I say a face that would stop traffic, I am of course referring to Lorena.  Although she is clearly very beautiful, it wasn’t actually her face that brought Princes Street and Lothian Road to a standstill.  It was a platoon of tartan clad grooms men and a couple of Caley Hotel concierges blocking the road to allow Lorena to make her richly deserved grand entrance.  Just a few short steps from the Waldorf Astoria ( the Caledonian) to St John’s where Andrew was patiently waiting.

This wonderful day brought my first Colombian-Scottish union and was filled with class, colour, tradition and modernity and was set against the always stunning backdrop of Edinburgh Castle.


Caledonian malt whisky beautiful bride at waldorf astoria caledonian edinburgh L&A-WD-113 Groom and ushers at Whighams before the wedding Whighams wine cellars beautiful bride at waldorf astoria caledonian edinburgh Dad sees his daughter the bride at Edinburgh wedding Dad and daughter at Edinburgh wedding L&A-WD-163 L&A-WD-172 Bride crossing Lothian road in Edinburgh L&A-WD-181 L&A-WD-184 Arrival of the bride at St John's in Edinburgh L&A-WD-186 L&A-WD-200 L&A-WD-197 L&A-WD-212St John's Church Edinburgh looking magnificent. L&A-WD-255 Bride, groom and confetti in Edinburgh wedding. L&A-WD-258 L&A-WD-300 Beautiful bride in front of Edinburgh Castle. Bride and groom crossing Princes street in Edinburgh L&A-WD-311 Columbian flag and Edinburgh Castle

L&A-WD-325 L&A-WD-339 L&A-WD-372 L&A-WD-405 L&A-WD-414 L&A-WD-418 L&A-WD-493 L&A-WD-508 L&A-WD-514

All “my” couples are brilliant, obviously (except the ones which aren’t) but now and again I meet a couple who leave an impression.

Jasmine and Dave are so flippin’ Yin and Yang it’s no real (as a wee raj may say).  Jasmine is bonkers, beautifully up-beat and optimistic with a freakishly infectious exuberance.  David isn’t, but what he is a good solid, salt of the earth old fashioned good guy who keeps Jasmine from exploding.

Their wedding day was entirely “them”.  Geekish,  cool, sophisticated and homespun.  A big Red Bus took guests from Lothian chambers to Howies with a wee tour of Edinburgh thrown in and  it was clear that everyone was having a great time.  Grannys blowing bubbles, what more can you say.

J&D-WD-104 J&D-WD-112 J&D-WD-131 J&D-WD-133 J&D-WD-109 J&D-WD-125 J&D-WD-138 J&D-WD-161 J&D-WD-145 J&D-WD-169 J&D-WD-177 J&D-WD-204 J&D-WD-189 J&D-WD-214 J&D-WD-264 J&D-WD-295 J&D-WD-376 J&D-WD-282 J&D-WD-299 J&D-WD-474 J&D-WD-392 J&D-WD-406 J&D-WD-413 J&D-WD-418 J&D-WD-424 J&D-WD-429 J&D-WD-430 J&D-WD-435 J&D-WD-453 J&D-WD-463 J&D-WD-492 J&D-WD-493 J&D-WD-507 J&D-WD-511

I love that City Chambers is a wedding venue.  Great to see public buildings being used this way.  Everyones a winner.  Couples get a stunning venue which is super value and the good folk of Edinburgh save 3p a year off their council tax.

Mhari and Lee had their wedding there in April.

M&L-WD-106 M&L-WD-124 M&L-WD-183 M&L-WD-171 M&L-WD-172 M&L-WD-180 M&L-WD-186 M&L-WD-191 M&L-WD-207 M&L-WD-211 M&L-WD-220 M&L-WD-230 M&L-WD-380 M&L-WD-259 M&L-WD-283 M&L-WD-301 M&L-WD-305 M&L-WD-351 M&L-WD-357 M&L-WD-383 M&L-WD-145 M&L-WD-152 M&L-WD-417 M&L-WD-426 M&L-WD-430 M&L-WD-451

Isn’t that so obviously a “oh FFS! don’t say what I think you are going to say” look?

M&L-WD-479 M&L-WD-495 M&L-WD-499 M&L-WD-527 M&L-WD-530


Another first for me just before Xmas last year.  Carina and Sean broke with (the totally random) tradition and had the worlds 4th largest Clootie Dumpling instead of a poncy wedding cake.

Was that the only “out of the ordinary” thing to feature that day? was it hellers like.  Carol singing in a London bus, Buckfast drunk by the father of the bride (not because he had to but because he actually likes it) and multi-lingual speeches.   I’m pretty sure a bipedal reindeer made a cameo too.

Don’t believe me?  I don’t care.

C&S-WD-101 C&S-WD-116 C&S-WD-135 C&S-WD-113 C&S-WD-144 C&S-WD-148 C&S-WD-131 C&S-WD-128 C&S-WD-155 C&S-WD-157 C&S-WD-172 C&S-WD-208 C&S-WD-209 C&S-WD-227 C&S-WD-247 C&S-WD-284 C&S-WD-303 C&S-WD-341 C&S-WD-344 C&S-WD-345 C&S-WD-361 C&S-WD-291 C&S-WD-449 C&S-WD-464 C&S-WD-477 C&S-WD-482 C&S-WD-416


Edinburgh‘s Lothian Chambers and Leith‘s Thomas Morton Hall were the locations for Carina and Sean’s big day.