Regretting calling them ‘The Craigies’ now. It’s what I get called when Jess wants something. What I was called as a bairn. Did you know that Craig is from the Gaelic creag meaning “crag” or “rocks”. That’s quite interesting isn’t it? Might call them ‘The Crags’, more manly. Also my wee boy is called Cairn which you will know is a pile of rocks or stones. When we named him we didn’t realise the connection. Let me just take off my anorak and move on.

The happiest bride of the year. I guess impossible for me to know but there was one bride who just seemed to be laughing and having fun from dawn to dusk (and well beyond). Ladies and gents…

Best Shoes.

No Idea.

Best Cake.

Well Victoria and Gordon had hundreds of them.

But just check this one out from Debbie and Andrews big day.

And also the best topper.

Best portaloo? Another win For Debbie and Borderloo.

Best coffee drinking dog….

All the flowerswere amazing this year, here are some of my faves.


And finally,  My favourite  5 wedding shots of the year. 




Like the Oscars, only more to do with wedding photos than blockbuster films (‘movies’ for my fans in the US (aye right, I have fans in the US)). Also it’s kinda rigged as there is only really one entrant in each category, me.

Yes, in another attempt to find stuff to fill the blog pages now that weddings are done for the year, I have come up with ‘The Craigies’. I’m not picking winners, just a few of my favourites.

The first category… My favourite bridal prep shot of the year: This is the time in the morning before the bride sets off to sign her life away. She is invariably surrounded by a gaggle of bridesmaids (not sure what a group of bridesmaids is called, perhaps a ‘bucks fizz’ of bridesmaids). Hair in rollers, having false lashes applied, worrying about the overnight arrival of a new zit with folk rushing around frantically.

I love this one. Flower girl being calm and keeping her head when all around are losing theirs.

Love this too. Mother and auntie of the bride.

And finally.

Joan. Quite arty farty this one, but I do love a bit of negative space.

Next category: The guys before the wedding. Self-explanatory I feel.

First up, Dan and crew. Can you hear the Reservoir Dogs theme?

Kieran. What is there not to love about this? The man’s got antlers for goodness sake.

Favourite car photos…

Debs and Andrew risking life and limb.

To be honest, very few are actually cars.

But this one is.

Also shows you the state of Edinburgh roads.

Right then, My favourite dress. Yes, I’m a bloke and I talk about dresses. Perhaps I am one of those metrosexuals?

Let’s face it, what do I know? As far as I’m concerned all wedding dresses are beautiful. But there was just something about this one.

The last section of the day is My favourite church. I’m not religious but you don’t have to be to see the beauty in fine architecture.

It comes down to two from this year. Two very different but equally beautiful.

Earlston Parish Church.

And the fantastic grandeur of The University of Glasgow Chapel.

One more.

My favourite dog with different coloured eyes at a wedding shot is…

More tomorrow, if I remember.

See ya. xxx

Kenny and Gina are both Police officers. Gina happens to be my local beat bobby, no pressure there then. The weather was really poor but everyone had a good time (particulary and burgulars since half the regions coppers were partying on down at the Carfraemill with the happy couple).

Sorry Gina, couldn’t resist that last one.

Sadly, since the wedding, Gina’s Grandpa has died. He was determined to see Gina walk down the aisle, he did.

RIP Gina’s Grandpa.

Your classic Scottish beauty. That’s how Mette from Freya Designer Dressmaking described Joan to me. She was right.

When I arrived at the ‘girls’ house in the morning there was none of the usual bedlam; it was all remarkably relaxed.

Joan has a bit of a reputation for being late. She was therefore determined to arrive on time, if not a little early, at St Columba’s on the High Street (the Royal Mile for visitors) where groom John was waiting, along with about two hundred tourists.

Anyway, when she did arrive (about fifteen minutes late), I’m sure John and the assembled united nations thought she was worth the wait. She looked simply stunning.

It seemed the word had spread. The crowd which had formed prior to the wedding had increased for the first glimpse of John and Joan as husband and wife.

After the ceremony there was a quick dash through Edinburgh’s festival traffic to the Royal Botanic Gardens for the rest of the day’s celebrations. There had been one or two spots of rain just before the bride arrived but it turned out to be a lovely day. Perfect for a party at the Botanics.

The Botanics always holds a special significance to me as it’s where Jess and I were married eight or possibly nine years ago. 😉

That’s all I can show you just now folks, until J&J return from honeymoon.