I had originally written this blog entry last night, well early this morning actually.  However when I came to read it this morning it made very little sense.  That’s a lesson to you all, don’t blog when tired.  My spelelling  is bad enough at the best of times and punctuation is hit or miss to say the least so throw in sleep deprivation and two wee kids and you will understand.


I am writing this while the rain lashes horizontally onto the window and can’t quite believe  the weather we had a few weeks ago for Lynsey and Juan’s wedding at Wedderburn.   I remember Borders weather issuing a heat stroke warning as the temp hit 25 degrees.   I was the best place to be on a hot spring day.


Lynsey and Juan are just about the most laid back and chilled couple out.  Add in the fact that their wedding day was attended by just a few close friends and family and you get a fantastic, relaxed and friendly day which to be honest didn’t really feel like work (still charged them though).   They are the kind of people who just seem to be cool with no effort.  I hate them. 😉



The least said about 30 odd English folk trying to ceilidh dance the better.

I mean 30 odd as in around 30 people, not 30 people who are odd.  However…………………


Regretting calling them ‘The Craigies’ now. It’s what I get called when Jess wants something. What I was called as a bairn. Did you know that Craig is from the Gaelic creag meaning “crag” or “rocks”. That’s quite interesting isn’t it? Might call them ‘The Crags’, more manly. Also my wee boy is called Cairn which you will know is a pile of rocks or stones. When we named him we didn’t realise the connection. Let me just take off my anorak and move on.

The happiest bride of the year. I guess impossible for me to know but there was one bride who just seemed to be laughing and having fun from dawn to dusk (and well beyond). Ladies and gents…

Best Shoes.

No Idea.

Best Cake.

Well Victoria and Gordon had hundreds of them.

But just check this one out from Debbie and Andrews big day.

And also the best topper.

Best portaloo? Another win For Debbie and Borderloo.

Best coffee drinking dog….

All the flowerswere amazing this year, here are some of my faves.


And finally,  My favourite  5 wedding shots of the year. 




Where does the time go? Either a stupid question or a very deep one which would need Prof Cox to answer. Anyway, this next one seems like only yesterday (not really, just a figure of speech, but doesn’t seem that long ago).

Possibly the funnest (not sure that’s areal word) wedding of the year was just down the road with Debbie and Andrew. Debbie put so much thought and effort into her perfect day that it was just fantastic to see them both enjoy it so much. It was a proper Borders party.

Anyway, the next “wedding slideshow with inappropriate music” is from their day. This time the music is very special to me and Jess. If we were to have “a song” then this would be it. When I hear it i’m reminded of us on long drives in a tiny, green Citroen AX listening to cassettes (kids ask you folks about cassettes)

Just checked, funnest isn’t a word. Should be. I’m keeping it in.

Last weekend’s wedding was something pretty special.  Sarah and Matteo travelled back from Italy to Sarah’s family home  amongst the beautiful scenery of Teviothead.  The weather was fine and Sarah’s family made a wonderful job of readying the farm for the influx of visitors from around the world.

My day began by joining some of the ladies, including the mothers of both bride and groom, at the hairdressers in the morning for the usual pampering and preening.


Then I headed to the family farm for the final preparations.



Even little Tala got in on the act and was scurrying around during the service which took place in a marquee in the garden.

Although unable to make it over to Scotland, Matteo’s grandmother didn’t miss out; she joined the celebrations via webcam from her home in Italy.


The reception tables had an almost home-made feel with menus of recycled card and a colourful lucky crane for each guest.  One super touch was that Matteo and Sarah made a donation in the name of each of their dinner guests to the The Multiple Sclerosis Society.


After the speeches it was time for the Scots among the guests to show the Italian visitors what a Borders wedding is all about.  I have to say they took to the céilidh dancing like they had been doing it all their lives.




Before the night was over I couldn’t resist getting Sarah and Matteo out onto the turf of her beloved Hawick Rugby Club for some shots.

What made the day so special was the lack of pomp or pretention.  It was clearly a family occasion and everyone who attended was made to feel really welcome, including me.

Thank you Matteo and Sarah and we wish you a happy life together!

I managed to get out in the snow today with something other than a camera-phone.  What with Christmas and all, there just hasn’t been time.  Seems we have had snow here every day for about two weeks and the novelty is starting to wear off.  I had to clear more than a foot of the stuff off the roof of my car.

Anyway,  I took a spin up to a place nearby called Scott’s View.  It was apparently Sir Walter Scott’s favourite view of the Borders countryside and shows the splendid Eildon Hills.


Tuesday brought me the last photoshoot of the noughties.  It was the engagement shoot of Matteo and Sarah in the wonderful surroundings of Sarah’s family farm in the Borders.  It was a bitterly cold day but beautiful with ice and snow all around.   Matteo and Sarah are getting married in the summer and I am hoping the weather will be at least a bit warmer that day.