From now on all my blog posts are just going to say  “Here are some photos”. Because I know that is really all you look at a wedding photographers website to see.  You don’t care what he thinks of your shoes or that he loves your use of straw bales instead of chairs.  He may think your hand decorated jam jars are an excellent substitute for actual drinking glasses and that your your fathers tie brings out the blue of his eyes but that is immaterial.


So,  Here are some photos.   Leighanne and Gary at The Grand central Hotel, Glasgow.

L&G-WD-101 L&G-WD-117 L&G-WD-123 L&G-WD-147 L&G-WD-151 L&G-WD-157 L&G-WD-172 L&G-WD-177 L&G-WD-186 L&G-WD-193 L&G-WD-218 L&G-WD-256 L&G-WD-257 L&G-WD-268 L&G-WD-293 L&G-WD-296 L&G-WD-362 L&G-WD-413 L&G-WD-447 L&G-WD-451 L&G-WD-448

Regretting calling them ‘The Craigies’ now. It’s what I get called when Jess wants something. What I was called as a bairn. Did you know that Craig is from the Gaelic creag meaning “crag” or “rocks”. That’s quite interesting isn’t it? Might call them ‘The Crags’, more manly. Also my wee boy is called Cairn which you will know is a pile of rocks or stones. When we named him we didn’t realise the connection. Let me just take off my anorak and move on.

The happiest bride of the year. I guess impossible for me to know but there was one bride who just seemed to be laughing and having fun from dawn to dusk (and well beyond). Ladies and gents…

Best Shoes.

No Idea.

Best Cake.

Well Victoria and Gordon had hundreds of them.

But just check this one out from Debbie and Andrews big day.

And also the best topper.

Best portaloo? Another win For Debbie and Borderloo.

Best coffee drinking dog….

All the flowerswere amazing this year, here are some of my faves.


And finally,  My favourite  5 wedding shots of the year. 




McBeth Photography will soon become a sponsor of Whimsical Wonderland Weddings.   I am proud to be associated with WWW which was listed as one of the top 100 Wedding Blogs in the World.

Which means we now have a presence on what for me are the two coolest wedding blogs in the UK.  WWW and Rock My Wedding.



Afraid to say that in times like these when Im super busy the main thing which suffers (apart from the kids) is the blog.  I will try to find time this weekend to post a great big update.  There has been a couple of weddings, umpteen pre-wedding shoots and a couple of other promo/product shoots in the last few weeks.

I am really honoured to see Matteo and Sarah’s wedding  featured on the uber chic, ultra cool, Rock My Wedding.



Reading Sarah’s comments and looking at the images again reminds me of why I am a wedding photographer.

All brides and grooms at the planning stage of their wedding should be checking out Rock My Wedding for inspiration.


This modern and funky site is fast becoming thee blog which no one with even the slightest interest in weddings can afford to miss.  Even more reason to bookmark this site is that one of our favourite weddings of the year is going to be featured. Not sure when but rest assured we will let you know.

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