(Facebook Friendly) Expletive deleted Me! Its been ages since I posted a wedding!

This is a copy of my previous post which according to Facebook was a bit too sweary for them to allow me to promote it. Their wee robots which decide which ads are allowed are clearly a little precious.  Possible a good thing as I perhaps I swear a little too much considering it’s a wedding related blog and it’s the most romantic and loving day of your life etc etc yadda yadda.

You can now insert your own favourite swear word in place of “expletive deleted” which could be a lot worse than the ones I had in mind.  Anyway here goes…….




I am officially a lazy expletive deleted when it comes to blogging.  I had no Idea it’s been more than 6 months since I posted a wedding.  That’s terrible.  Clients may think I’m dead.  I’m not and here are some photos to (sort of) prove it.


This ones good.  Sunny day on Ayrshire at Dalduff.  Seem to remember it being quite rowdy.  Bride stunning, groom beardy.  Neither taking the whole thing all that seriously. What more could you want?

Here is Katie and Neil.





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