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Actually I don’t.  But I can see the attraction ( I am a happily married man).  Anyway, when Tricia and Rob tied the knot we were overrun with uniforms (men in very tight, butt hugging trousers) (beginning to doubt myself now) because Rob is a Rifleman.  They were married at Dunkeld Cathedral and had their reception just a short, but teeth chatteringly cold, boat ride upstream at the Dunkeld Hilton.


Here are a few photos.


T&R-WD-105 T&R-WD-109 T&R-WD-124 T&R-WD-131 T&R-WD-132 T&R-WD-146 T&R-WD-155 T&R-WD-156 T&R-WD-159 T&R-WD-160 T&R-WD-164 T&R-WD-170 T&R-WD-177 T&R-WD-190 T&R-WD-196 T&R-WD-229 T&R-WD-216 T&R-WD-257 T&R-WD-269 T&R-WD-279 T&R-WD-283 T&R-WD-289 T&R-WD-293 T&R-WD-312 T&R-WD-318 T&R-WD-321 T&R-WD-323 T&R-WD-394 T&R-WD-405 T&R-WD-435 T&R-WD-467 T&R-WD-473 T&R-WD-476 T&R-WD-511 T&R-WD-536 T&R-WD-539 T&R-WD-577 T&R-WD-603 T&R-WD-609 T&R-WD-613 T&R-WD-617 T&R-WD-636


When I say a face that would stop traffic, I am of course referring to Lorena.  Although she is clearly very beautiful, it wasn’t actually her face that brought Princes Street and Lothian Road to a standstill.  It was a platoon of tartan clad grooms men and a couple of Caley Hotel concierges blocking the road to allow Lorena to make her richly deserved grand entrance.  Just a few short steps from the Waldorf Astoria ( the Caledonian) to St John’s where Andrew was patiently waiting.

This wonderful day brought my first Colombian-Scottish union and was filled with class, colour, tradition and modernity and was set against the always stunning backdrop of Edinburgh Castle.


L&A-WD-121 L&A-WD-119 L&A-WD-113 L&A-WD-144 L&A-WD-131 L&A-WD-150 L&A-WD-155 L&A-WD-159 L&A-WD-163 L&A-WD-172 L&A-WD-175 L&A-WD-181 L&A-WD-184 L&A-WD-185 L&A-WD-186 L&A-WD-200 L&A-WD-197 L&A-WD-212L&A-WD-238 L&A-WD-255 L&A-WD-270 L&A-WD-258 L&A-WD-300 L&A-WD-295 L&A-WD-304 L&A-WD-311 L&A-WD-318

L&A-WD-325 L&A-WD-339 L&A-WD-372 L&A-WD-405 L&A-WD-414 L&A-WD-418 L&A-WD-493 L&A-WD-508 L&A-WD-514

Anna and Bob were married this summer at Lothian Chambers in Edinburgh than had their cosy, crafty style reception at the wonderful Gallery of Modern Art.  It’s was a lovely warm day and everyone enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and fantastic surroundings. A&B-WD-108 A&B-WD-112 A&B-WD-116 A&B-WD-157 A&B-WD-147 A&B-WD-153 A&B-WD-209 A&B-WD-186 A&B-WD-175 A&B-WD-185 A&B-WD-190 A&B-WD-200 A&B-WD-188 A&B-WD-189 A&B-WD-205 A&B-WD-233 A&B-WD-247 A&B-Additions-107 A&B-Additions-117 A&B-Additions-113 A&B-Additions-101 A&B-WD-227 A&B-WD-282 A&B-WD-226 A&B-WD-216 A&B-WD-222 A&B-WD-332
A&B-WD-329 A&B-WD-335 A&B-WD-340 A&B-WD-338 A&B-WD-467 A&B-WD-410 A&B-WD-402 A&B-WD-287 A&B-WD-401 A&B-WD-375A&B-WD-412
A&B-WD-374 A&B-WD-481 A&B-WD-485 A&B-WD-487 A&B-WD-479 A&B-WD-483





Balamory people! Bala effin’ mory People!

That’s that out the way.


Ok, Nikki and Bryan are Rally aficionados (geeks) and they come to Mull and Tobermory (Balamory really) all the time to see crazy fools drive dangerously fast on roads originally designed for goat drawn carriages.  So there was really no other choice for their smallish, fun and relaxed wedding.

The view from the terrace of the Western Isles Hotel , looking down on Tobermory (Balamory really) harbour was breathtaking.  Actually, it was’t breathtaking.  Falling off a swing and landing on your back is breathtaking.  The view was very very very nice, especially as the weather was so damn good.

There was Balloons, fancy soap, tears (mainly Bryan’s), Louboutins, fresh langoustine (which I had no idea how to eat), the best looking Best Man I have ever seen and check out Bryan’s suit.

N&B-w-119 N&B-w-132 N&B-w-144 N&B-w-166 N&B-w-170 N&B-w-203 N&B-w-227 N&B-w-235 N&B-w-231 N&B-w-245 N&B-w-262 N&B-w-341 N&B-w-335 N&B-w-328 N&B-w-324 N&B-w-327 N&B-w-365 N&B-w-361 N&B-w-379 N&B-w-395 N&B-w-410 N&B-w-398 N&B-w-432 N&B-w-413 N&B-w-393 N&B-w-387 N&B-w-383 N&B-w-451


There are few things as satisfying for a wedding photographer (professionally that is, everyone knows there is nothing more satisfying than a huge G&T and a packet of roast beef McCoy’s ) as getting booked by a family member or friend of previous clients.  It is reassurance (and boy do we creative types need that) that you are doing something well, or that you are doing something cheaply.  I chose to go with the former.

I covered Laura’s big brother’s wedding a couple of years ago so was really happy she and Marc got in touch about their wedding in Cheshire.  It’s nice to meet up again with past clients and see how they are doing.   So far I think I’m on a 100% not divorced record (that’s not a guarantee).  I wonder if divorce is perhaps not the most appropriate thing to mention on a wedding blog….  Anyway…..


Sandhole Oak Barn is about 30 mins south of Manchester (can’t move for footballers) and is a brilliant venue to shoot at.  It is set in attractive countryside with the lovely lake and great outside space.  The traditional style buildings with wood cladding and red brick make it a dream for a texture loving photographer like me.  Inside, the beautiful oak beams and masses of natural light allowed me to forget about all the boring technical photography stuff and concentrate on capturing the fun and emotion of the day.  Loved it.


L&M-118 L&M-122 L&M-149 L&M-173 L&M-133 L&M-189 L&M-162 L&M-196 L&M-200 L&M-233 L&M-214 L&M-224 L&M-215 L&M-248 L&M-275 L&M-330 L&M-336 L&M-348 L&M-398 L&M-328 L&M-261 L&M-378 L&M-372 L&M-253 L&M-440 L&M-456 L&M-451 L&M-454 L&M-473 L&M-457 L&M-436 L&M-478 L&M-479 L&M-508



The last time I saw Lucie and Tommy was on a shoot/pub crawl in London.  They “dragged” me round some of their favourite pubs and some of their favourite east end and square mile locations.   I fell asleep on the tube on the way back to Heathrow.


L&T-PW-103-2 L&T-PW-116-2 L&T-PW-149-2 L&T-PW-112 L&T-PW-158-2 L&T-PW-127-2

Anyway, they are my kinda couple.  Pretty relaxed (on the surface anyway) while still having a firm idea of what they want and quite non-traditional in a traditional sort of way, if you know what I mean.  They chose a classic country house for their wedding,  Harburn House, and decorated it to look stunning but omitted any of the really stuffy pomp in favour of riotous fun, the widest variety of alcohol I have seen at a reception and possibly the cheekiest speeches I have witnessed in over two hundred weddings.  Plus, Lucie has that smile!!



L&T-WD-121 L&T-WD-165 L&T-WD-141 L&T-WD-183 L&T-WD-199 L&T-WD-209 L&T-WD-221 L&T-WD-234 L&T-WD-279 L&T-WD-270 L&T-WD-266 L&T-WD-297 L&T-WD-351 L&T-WD-360 L&T-WD-362 L&T-WD-377 L&T-WD-410 L&T-WD-413 L&T-WD-447 L&T-WD-105 L&T-WD-108 L&T-WD-500 L&T-WD-509 L&T-WD-518 L&T-WD-533 L&T-WD-537 L&T-WD-568 L&T-WD-595 L&T-WD-604 L&T-WD-614 L&T-WD-615 L&T-WD-631 L&T-WD-656 L&T-WD-667

I have glimpsed  both TOWIE & Made in Chelsea in the past by accident.  Horrendous programs but I was struck by how glamorous everyone was (compared to me).  I think they could set a similar show in Glasgow, like River City but with…..hmmm…..  I have no idea, I have never seen River City but I am assuming it aint glamorous.  I think there is a character called Spud though, and Tony the track suit.

Anyway, Laura and Russel’s wedding at Sherbrook Castle Hotel reminded me of TOWIE etc (hope that’s not insulting).  I have never seen such glamour in real life.  I worked out that if you stacked on top of each other all the heels they would be three quarters the height of Edinburgh Castle.  If you included the ladies shoes it would reach the top. boom boom!!

But you see, all this glamour and beauty came with no semblance of pretence or pomposity.  It was just a pure dead brilliant Glasgow knees up.

Here are some photos to illustrate. L&R-WD-102 L&R-WD-107 L&R-WD-136L&R-WD-149 L&R-WD-150 L&R-WD-164 L&R-WD-215 L&R-WD-225 L&R-WD-229 L&R-WD-242 L&R-WD-254 L&R-WD-318 L&R-WD-330 L&R-WD-334 L&R-WD-349 L&R-WD-364 L&R-WD-408 L&R-WD-419 L&R-WD-183 L&R-WD-428 L&R-WD-441 L&R-WD-452 L&R-WD-463 L&R-WD-466 L&R-WD-488 L&R-WD-489 L&R-WD-495 L&R-WD-498 L&R-WD-503 L&R-WD-520 L&R-WD-526 L&R-WD-546 L&R-WD-548 L&R-WD-556 L&R-WD-558 L&R-WD-562 L&R-WD-564 L&R-WD-567 L&R-WD-571 L&R-WD-588 L&R-WD-596 L&R-WD-602 L&R-WD-606 L&R-WD-624 L&R-WD-638 L&R-WD-652 L&R-WD-654 L&R-WD-658 L&R-WD-661 L&R-WD-672 L&R-WD-676 L&R-WD-684 L&R-WD-695

This was a different one though.

Anna and Matt got married at Edrom Kirk then had their reception and the beautiful Wedderburn Castle.  A&M-WD-111 A&M-WD-108 A&M-WD-112 A&M-WD-126 A&M-WD-104 A&M-WD-143 A&M-WD-156 A&M-WD-165 A&M-WD-166 A&M-WD-184 A&M-WD-192 A&M-WD-197 A&M-WD-228 A&M-WD-261 A&M-WD-285 A&M-WD-474 A&M-WD-269 A&M-WD-307 A&M-WD-300 A&M-WD-364 A&M-WD-392 A&M-WD-400 A&M-WD-407 A&M-WD-415 A&M-WD-417 A&M-WD-433 A&M-WD-402 A&M-WD-221 A&M-WD-380 A&M-WD-434 A&M-WD-386 A&M-WD-438 A&M-WD-509 A&M-WD-498 A&M-WD-525 A&M-WD-541 A&M-WD-551