I have glimpsed  both TOWIE & Made in Chelsea in the past by accident.  Horrendous programs but I was struck by how glamorous everyone was (compared to me).  I think they could set a similar show in Glasgow, like River City but with…..hmmm…..  I have no idea, I have never seen River City but I am assuming it aint glamorous.  I think there is a character called Spud though, and Tony the track suit.

Anyway, Laura and Russel’s wedding at Sherbrook Castle Hotel reminded me of TOWIE etc (hope that’s not insulting).  I have never seen such glamour in real life.  I worked out that if you stacked on top of each other all the heels they would be three quarters the height of Edinburgh Castle.  If you included the ladies shoes it would reach the top. boom boom!!

But you see, all this glamour and beauty came with no semblance of pretence or pomposity.  It was just a pure dead brilliant Glasgow knees up.

Here are some photos to illustrate. L&R-WD-102 L&R-WD-107 L&R-WD-136L&R-WD-149 L&R-WD-150 L&R-WD-164 L&R-WD-215 L&R-WD-225 L&R-WD-229 L&R-WD-242 L&R-WD-254 L&R-WD-318 L&R-WD-330 L&R-WD-334 L&R-WD-349 L&R-WD-364 L&R-WD-408 L&R-WD-419 L&R-WD-183 L&R-WD-428 L&R-WD-441 L&R-WD-452 L&R-WD-463 L&R-WD-466 L&R-WD-488 L&R-WD-489 L&R-WD-495 L&R-WD-498 L&R-WD-503 L&R-WD-520 L&R-WD-526 L&R-WD-546 L&R-WD-548 L&R-WD-556 L&R-WD-558 L&R-WD-562 L&R-WD-564 L&R-WD-567 L&R-WD-571 L&R-WD-588 L&R-WD-596 L&R-WD-602 L&R-WD-606 L&R-WD-624 L&R-WD-638 L&R-WD-652 L&R-WD-654 L&R-WD-658 L&R-WD-661 L&R-WD-672 L&R-WD-676 L&R-WD-684 L&R-WD-695

This was a different one though.

Anna and Matt got married at Edrom Kirk then had their reception and the beautiful Wedderburn Castle.  A&M-WD-111 A&M-WD-108 A&M-WD-112 A&M-WD-126 A&M-WD-104 A&M-WD-143 A&M-WD-156 A&M-WD-165 A&M-WD-166 A&M-WD-184 A&M-WD-192 A&M-WD-197 A&M-WD-228 A&M-WD-261 A&M-WD-285 A&M-WD-474 A&M-WD-269 A&M-WD-307 A&M-WD-300 A&M-WD-364 A&M-WD-392 A&M-WD-400 A&M-WD-407 A&M-WD-415 A&M-WD-417 A&M-WD-433 A&M-WD-402 A&M-WD-221 A&M-WD-380 A&M-WD-434 A&M-WD-386 A&M-WD-438 A&M-WD-509 A&M-WD-498 A&M-WD-525 A&M-WD-541 A&M-WD-551

All “my” couples are brilliant, obviously (except the ones which aren’t) but now and again I meet a couple who leave an impression.

Jasmine and Dave are so flippin’ Yin and Yang it’s no real (as a wee raj may say).  Jasmine is bonkers, beautifully up-beat and optimistic with a freakishly infectious exuberance.  David isn’t, but what he is a good solid, salt of the earth old fashioned good guy who keeps Jasmine from exploding.

Their wedding day was entirely “them”.  Geekish,  cool, sophisticated and homespun.  A big Red Bus took guests from Lothian chambers to Howies with a wee tour of Edinburgh thrown in and  it was clear that everyone was having a great time.  Grannys blowing bubbles, what more can you say.

J&D-WD-104 J&D-WD-112 J&D-WD-131 J&D-WD-133 J&D-WD-109 J&D-WD-125 J&D-WD-138 J&D-WD-161 J&D-WD-145 J&D-WD-169 J&D-WD-177 J&D-WD-204 J&D-WD-189 J&D-WD-214 J&D-WD-264 J&D-WD-295 J&D-WD-376 J&D-WD-282 J&D-WD-299 J&D-WD-474 J&D-WD-392 J&D-WD-406 J&D-WD-413 J&D-WD-418 J&D-WD-424 J&D-WD-429 J&D-WD-430 J&D-WD-435 J&D-WD-453 J&D-WD-463 J&D-WD-492 J&D-WD-493 J&D-WD-507 J&D-WD-511

I love that City Chambers is a wedding venue.  Great to see public buildings being used this way.  Everyones a winner.  Couples get a stunning venue which is super value and the good folk of Edinburgh save 3p a year off their council tax.

Mhari and Lee had their wedding there in April.

M&L-WD-106 M&L-WD-124 M&L-WD-183 M&L-WD-171 M&L-WD-172 M&L-WD-180 M&L-WD-186 M&L-WD-191 M&L-WD-207 M&L-WD-211 M&L-WD-220 M&L-WD-230 M&L-WD-380 M&L-WD-259 M&L-WD-283 M&L-WD-301 M&L-WD-305 M&L-WD-351 M&L-WD-357 M&L-WD-383 M&L-WD-145 M&L-WD-152 M&L-WD-417 M&L-WD-426 M&L-WD-430 M&L-WD-451

Isn’t that so obviously a “oh FFS! don’t say what I think you are going to say” look?

M&L-WD-479 M&L-WD-495 M&L-WD-499 M&L-WD-527 M&L-WD-530


You may remember Claire and Chris from some photos of their London pre-wedding shoot which I showed on facebook a while ago.  Well late March brought me a quick burl up to Callander for their wedding day at Roman Camp Hotel.

Another lovely, relaxed, smiley and super happy day which was great fun to capture.


c&c-wd-114 c&c-wd-116 c&c-wd-119 c&c-wd-159 c&c-wd-163 c&c-wd-186 c&c-wd-195 c&c-wd-231 c&c-wd-262 c&c-wd-242 c&c-wd-252 c&c-wd-255 c&c-wd-294 c&c-wd-313 c&c-wd-361 c&c-wd-372 c&c-wd-293 c&c-wd-133 c&c-wd-391 c&c-wd-138 c&c-wd-418 c&c-wd-425 c&c-wd-440 c&c-wd-413 c&c-wd-424 c&c-wd-457 c&c-wd-481 c&c-wd-506



Ok,  so yet again I begin a blog post with a fake apology for not blogging enough.  It’s fake because I know that,  generally you (whoever you are) don’t really care.  Although I guess a new post is a good indication to my clients that I am still alive.  Unless my wife has killed me and is blogging in my name to give the impression I am still alive when I am actually in the freezer.


Anyway, dead or not, the work goes on.


Here is Laura and Jordan who got married at Crear earlier this year.

L&J-WD-103 L&J-WD-141 L&J-WD-108 L&J-WD-182 L&J-WD-119 L&J-WD-173 L&J-WD-181 L&J-WD-175 L&J-WD-127 L&J-WD-221 L&J-WD-242 L&J-WD-230 L&J-WD-225 L&J-WD-263 L&J-WD-334 L&J-WD-339 L&J-WD-185 L&J-WD-283 L&J-WD-304 L&J-WD-290 L&J-WD-309 L&J-WD-379 L&J-WD-381 L&J-WD-437 L&J-WD-451 L&J-WD-459 L&J-WD-479 L&J-WD-483 L&J-WD-491



Susan and Alex were married at the beautiful (and actually pretty exclusive) Aikwood Tower.

Loved this one, despite the crap weather.


Susan, Alex and their guests were just about as relaxed as you get at a wedding and that suited me down to the ground.  They booked me because they wanted a record of the spirit and moments of the day without all the stuffy posing and regiment that many couples suffer with other photographers.

S&A-WD-102 S&A-WD-123 S&A-WD-159 S&A-WD-163 S&A-WD-177 S&A-WD-185 S&A-WD-190 S&A-WD-194 S&A-WD-236 S&A-WD-247S&A-WD-317 S&A-WD-401 S&A-WD-419 S&A-WD-425 S&A-WD-457 S&A-WD-471 S&A-WD-511 S&A-WD-514

Sorry, I know, ages.

Been really busy and rather neglectful of the blog.

However, here is the last wedding of 2013.  Hogmanay actually.  That would explain why this post is rather heavy on the partying photos.

Enough yapping.  Here you go.  Natalie and Kenneth at Craigsanquahar.

N&K-WD-130 N&K-WD-156 N&K-WD-167 N&K-WD-237 N&K-WD-253 N&K-WD-279 N&K-WD-306 N&K-WD-321 N&K-WD-424 N&K-WD-445 N&K-WD-480 N&K-WD-496 N&K-WD-501 N&K-WD-510 N&K-WD-516 N&K-WD-519 N&K-WD-522 N&K-WD-531 N&K-WD-553 N&K-WD-561 N&K-WD-571 N&K-WD-587 N&K-WD-591


Remember last year when my “spot the Cream Egg” contest made headlines throughout the developed world  (search for “Mcbeth photography cream egg pimp” if you don’t believe me)?  Well it’s back by popular demand.  Yes, once more I am giving one lucky (and soon to be fat) person 48 cream eggs.   That’s enough for one a day for approximately 48 days.  Enough to scatter on your bed and roll around on.

All you need to do is search this blog and find the little f****R.  Once you know where it is email me and if you are right (be mad if you were wrong) your name will be entered in to the grand Cream Egg draw to be made on Easter Sunday (whenever that is).


Good luck intrepid egg hunters.

Still getting through last years weddings on the blog. Nearly there now though, just one more after this cracker with Alex and Paul at Muncaster Castle.


Just before New Year I headed down to Cumbria for Alex and Paul’s intimate wee wedding at Muncaster.   It’s a beautiful venue for a wedding.  A real gem in the otherwise pretty gloomy west Cumbrian landscape.  Just a few miles from Sellafield but the geiger counter app on my phone suggested no real danger so I removed my home-made tin foil cod-piece and got on with the job.


A&P-WD-117 A&P-WD-103 A&P-WD-109A&P-WD-124 A&P-WD-140 A&P-WD-180 A&P-WD-213 A&P-WD-241 A&P-WD-318 A&P-WD-355 A&P-WD-356 A&P-WD-366

I pause at this point to talk about the speeches.

Paul is profoundly deaf. Bear that in mind and think about how nerve racking it is to speak in front of a crowd if you have full hearing.  Now you will understand why almost everyone in the room was blubbing when he spoke about his love for Alex.

A&P-WD-398 A&P-WD-389 A&P-WD-390 A&P-WD-405 A&P-WD-401 A&P-WD-402 A&P-WD-410 A&P-WD-407It was inspirational and extremely courageous.

Then is brother stood and launched into a quite hilarious character assassination.

A&P-WD-423 A&P-WD-413 A&P-WD-430 A&P-WD-436 A&P-WD-458